MENDAKI-Dr Abdul Aziz Ali Scholarship - University 2024


The scholarship was introduced in October 2006. It aims to alleviate the financial hardship faced by Muslim medical or dental students who do not currently qualify for other scholarships and bursaries.


Application Period

Level of Study Application PeriodAcademic Year
University27 May - 28 Jun 2024Aug 24 - May 25


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Muslim Singapore Citizens (regardless of race) or Permanent Resident of Singapore who has been residing in Singapore for at least 5 years immediately before being admitted to the institution.
  2. (Year 1 to 5) medical or dental students studying at a local or overseas universities.
  3. Good academic results are to be given priority for the award. However, if the results are comparable, then those with a lower per capita income would be given priority.



  1. Applications will only be considered upon receipt of all fully completed required documents;
  2. Applicant must be accepted by the institution.;
  3. Shortlisting of candidates is based upon competition amongst the eligible applicants;
  4. Interviews may be held for shortlisted candidates;
  5. Each scholarship is applicable for one academic year only;
  6. The scholarship shall be used for the recipients’ educational expenses such as tuition fees, course materials, living expenses and fees for other educational activities organised by the institution the recipient is enrolled in;
  7. Applicants must re-apply to be considered for the scholarship in the following academic year, subject to meeting all the criteria.


Value of Award

Level of Study Quantum Number of Recipients
University Year 1 students$3,0005
Year 2 to Year 5$3,0003


Mandatory documents required to submit application

  1. Identification of applicant - Front and Back Copy of NRIC.
  2. Latest Academic Results of applicant clearly showing:


    1. Full name;
    2. Course of study;
    3. Year
    4. Grades, Ranking Points & cGPA where applicable;


  3. For first year students in ITE, Polytechnic or Universities, please provide official proof of admission into institution of study. Those who do not currently have this can and must provide later nearing the admission of school date preferably before closure of application window to be submitted via the portal;
  4. Family Members’ Particulars Form duly completed and signed. Please download the form here: Family Members’ Particulars Form 2024;
  5. Employed adults in the household (except for National Servicemen):


    1. Please provide latest Payslip OR
    2. Letter from Employer confirming latest pay;


  6. Unemployed adults in the household:


    1. Please provide latest CPF Contribution Statement OR
    2. The Income Declaration Form. Please download the form here: Income-Declaration-Form-for-Scholarship / Bursary 2024;


  7. Self-employed adults in the household:


    1. Please provide latest IRAS Notification of Assessment;


  8. Please provide in 150 words, your achievements & your goals in the next 5 & 10 years in MS Word Format;
  9. Other supporting Documents if any.


Application Procedure

  • First time applicants must create an account to be able to proceed with the application.
  • Please submit ONE bursary / scholarship application only. We will consider your application for other eligible schemes accordingly.
  • Eligibility to apply for the bursary/scholarship does not guarantee any award of the bursary/scholarship.
  • Yayasan MENDAKI reserves the right to reject incomplete and duplicate applications.
  • Yayasan MENDAKI’s decision on the outcome of all applications shall be final and not subject to further review or appeal.
  • We will be in touch with you within 6 to 8 weeks upon closure of the application window. *
  • Applications must be submitted via MyMENDAKI portal by clicking the Tab on the right.


MENDAKI-Dr Abdul Aziz Ali Scholarship - University 2024
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  • Registration Close Date :
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