MENDAKI-MIRXES Scholarship - Master's Degree 2024




The scheme was introduced in October 2021. It is to support deserving Malay/Muslim students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate studies in life sciences and biotechnology enrolled in local autonomous universities.




To support Malay/Muslim students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate studies in life sciences and biotechnology.


Application Period *



Application Period



University (Master's Degree)


27 May to 28 June 2024


Extended : 1 Aug to 30 Aug 2024



The application is only open for first year students in 2024-2025.


Eligibility Criteria




  1. Singapore citizen [holding a valid national registration identity card (NRIC) or a permanent resident of Singapore;
  2. Malay/Muslim;
  3. Pursuing full-time education (for a bachelor’s or master’s degree) in any of the following local autonomous universities in Singapore:
    1. National University of Singapore (NUS);
    2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU);
    3. Singapore Management University (SMU);
    4. Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT);
    5. Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) and;
    6. Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).
  4. Has achieved good results in his/her academic studies and have obtained admission to degree programme;
  5. If the academic results between shortlisted applicants are comparable, then those with a lower per capita income (PCI) shall be given a priority;
  6. Not in receipt of any other scholarship;
  7. Maintain annual average minimum GPA/CAP score of 3.5 out of 5.0 or equivalent throughout their scholarship term;
  8. Agree to serve a 2-year bond with MIRXES upon graduation.




  1. Applications will only be considered upon receipt of all fully completed required documents;

  2. Applicant must be accepted by the local institutions mentioned in clause No.3 above;

  3. Shortlisting of candidates is based upon competition amongst the eligible applicants;

  4. Interviews will be held for shortlisted candidates and being eligible for the interview does not guarantee a placement;

  5. The Scholarship shall be used for the recipient’s educational expenses such as tuition fees, course materials, living expenses and fees for other educational activities organised by the institution the recipient is enrolled in.


Unless otherwise agreed by MIRXES, scholarships are to be given to scholars undertaking the following degree courses or similar:


Type of Degree


Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Science

– Bachelor of Science in Computational Biology

– Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics

– Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences

– Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science

– Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

– Bachelor of Science in Statistics

– Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

– Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

– Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

– Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Bachelor of Engineering

– Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

– Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering

– Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

– Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

– Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Engineering with Second Major in Medical Biology

Master’s Degree (Coursework Programme)


– Master of Science in Biotechnology

– Master of Science in Data Science and Machine Learning

– Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology 

– Master of Science in Biomedical Data Science


– Master of Science in Management of Technology

– Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering

– Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

– Master of Science in Project Management

– Master of Science in Smart Manufacturing


Value of Award




Number of Recipients

Period of Scholarship

Total Value of Scholarship




2024-2025 (2 years)

$30,000 each


Mandatory documents required to submit application


  1. Front and Back Copy of NRIC;
  2. Recent Academic Results;
  3. Letter of acceptance from Institution (if any);
  4. Family Members’ Particulars Form (Please download the form here: Family Members’ Particulars Form 2024);
  5. Income Declaration Form for self-employed and unemployed family members. (Please download the form here: Income Declaration Form for Scholarship Bursary);
  6. Parents’ or Guardian’s Latest Payslip / Letter from Employer Confirming Latest pay / Latest CPF Contribution statement;
  7. In 150 words, share your achievements & your goals in the next 5 & 10 yrs in MS Word Format;
  8. Other supporting Documents (if any).


Application Procedure


  • First time applicants must create an account to be able to proceed with the application.

  • Please submit ONE bursary OR scholarship application only. We will consider your application for other eligible schemes accordingly.

  • Yayasan MENDAKI reserves the right to reject incomplete and duplicate applications.

  • Yayasan MENDAKI’s decision on the outcome of all applications shall be final.

  • We will be in touch with you within 6 to 8 weeks upon closure of the application window. *

  • Applications must be submitted via MyMENDAKI portal by clicking the Tab on the right.


MENDAKI-MIRXES Scholarship-Bachelor/Master-University 2024
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